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    Want to be on the App Store? Got an idea for a great iPhone application or iPad application? Want to port your existing web application to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Have a need for native Mac OS X application? Want to be on the Mac App Store?
    Incept Development is your right partner for iPhone Development in Atlanta. With designers, web developers and native iOS developers in one place you have only one stop for a full and complete execution of your iOS Development project. We bring to the table a full set of tools.

    We are fully equipped to deliver rich native or web based applications for any iOS device. We have years of experience with Mac OS X development in Atlanta, which differentiates us from the rest of the iPhone developers on the market. iPhone OS was born from and shares most of the underlying layers of the Mac OS X operating system, which we know best.

    In this technologically challenged era where visual creativeness must match functional efficiency, we possess a unique range of technical weaponry. Give us a call, and see what an “agile” approach to your iOS development project might yield.
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    1010 Logic
    VSoft Corporation
    Incept Media
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    AppStore Statistics

    Below are some statistics that will give you an idea of the captured market the iOS platform and the Apple AppStore® bring to you:

    • AppStore applications available on 3 types of devices - iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Coming very soon to Apple Watch as well.
    • Total Number of iOS Devices sold till date -1 billion+ devices sold
    • iOS is the #1 Mobile Operating System - 44% of the market share
    • There are more than 350 million iPads sold
    • There are more than 1.3 million apps on the AppStore today
    • Over 700,000 of these are made specially for the iPad
    • More than 80 Billion Apps have been downloaded since 2008
    • There are 800 million account holders on the AppStore with valid Credit Cards and 1-click purchasing enabled
    • AppStore sees 7+ million daily downloads
    • AppStore receives more than 300 million visitors each week
    • App owners have earned $20 billion since the launch of the AppStore in 2008
    • AppStore is available in more than 160 countries

    In addition to revenue from the app, the app serves as a great marketing tool, especially if it is free to download. With links to your social media avenues (blog, twitter, Facebook, etc.) and company contact information, it is sure to bring you more traffic and inquiries.
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