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Web application development services.

In addition to Mac Development and iOS Development in Atlanta, Incept Development also has extensive experience in the web development arena. This almost goes hand-in-hand with mobile application development. We specialize in the following web technologies:

• Ajax
• Perl
• CSS3
• Database management

Every web developer with his or her salt has an address bar brimming with helpful web tools and web development resources. While we like to think we'd have a special place among those links, here are a few more that might help you trim some bytes out of your scripts or some time out of your workday, put together by the team at Incept Development:

Wirify submitted by Adam Reed
As someone who's put in my requisite number of hours trying to perfectly balance glowing squares on my screen, I can attest that Wirify is a great tool for laying out the structure of a page. This bookmarklet allows you to turn any web page into a wireframe with one click, giving you an instant reference for the layout, visual hierarchy, symmetry, and overall flow of your site. Also it's fun to show off your work in wireframe form.

Head JS submitted by Dimitar Ivanov
This incredibly compact header script will speed your site by loading other scripts as images. This prevents the bottleneck some browsers hit when trying to load a script-heavy site. Head JS can also add CSS3 support and dynamic CSS to your site among other modern niceties. Streamlining websites is a new push in iPhone development and iPad development. The little guys are a tad resource starved, so if you want traffic from the booming mobile population, you'd better get things as lean as possible.

ScriptSrc submitted by Dhruv Jangla
If there was an awards show for time-wasters in web development, hunting down source URLs for script tags would take home the trophy every time. ScriptSrc collects the tags for jQuery, swfobject, yui, dojo, and tons of other libraries into one easy and up-to-date source, meaning you can finally stop Google searching or thumbing through a plethora of bookmarks just to find one workable link.

Web2PDF submitted by Dhruv Jangla
This site does what you'd guess from the name – convert any webpage you feed it into a PDF file. This is a great time-saver when you're running through multiple iterations and tweaks of a webpage (and especially when you get one of those special indecisive clients). This site goes one better too by offering a bookmarklet and even functionality wherein you can e-mail it a URL and get a PDF back.

Copy Paste Character submitted by Ajith Nair
I can't count the number of times I've punched “greater than HTML code” into Google. Copy Paste Character is a much more elegant solution. This website collects all the special characters that are either absent from your keyboard or delight in wrecking HTML or scripts. Simply click on the character you want and the web-friendly code is copied to your clipboard.

CSS Resetr submitted by Dimitar Ivanov
Thanks to the Internet's Wild West days of the early 00's, CSS resets are annoyingly mandatory. With several different CSS resets available, CSS Resetr lets you view the effects of different resets on your site. The only other option is to say “Nobody really cares what this page will look like in IE6,” and odds are that won't go over so well. submitted by Tanya Weaver
Yes, yet another image hosting website. This one takes the cake for ease of use, however. All you have to do is drag and drop onto the webpage and it'll upload, store, and spit out a short URL for you in seconds. The old axiom of “He who types least, wins” means that should be any developer's storage site of choice.

DB Designr submitted by Adam Reed
I just noticed what a trend it's becoming to drop the last vowel from these websites – must be an iOS Atlanta thing. Anyway, this handy site lets you create database schemas without agonizing over where the semicolons go in SQL code. What's better, you can even use your Google account to log in, saving the old e-mail verification rigamarole.
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