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The rabid success of iPhone development and the mobile app store led to the inevitable question: what if they did the same thing, but bigger? The result is one of those ideas that look obvious in hindsight but for some reason, only Apple tends to find them – The Mac App Store. For the unfamiliar, it's exactly what you're thinking. The Mac App Store will sell applications for the desktop organized through a single storefront. Given that the storefront was so popular on the handhelds, it stands to reason that it will only bring good things to the desktop, right? The answer is... maybe. There are ups and downs for everyone involved, and the store will undoubtedly change OS X development in the future.
Incept Development has been providing OS X Development in Atlanta since 2009. With the Mac App Store, consumers will have a better experience than with any avenue that currently exists. Customers can try software before committing to a purchase, and they won't have to worry about installation or updating procedures. The uniform delivery ensures that anyone will be able to utilize any software, provided they have minimal knowledge of a mouse's operation and a somewhat healthy bank account.
Whether you need your existing OS X Application ported to the Mac App Store, or need to both – OS X Development and Mac App Store Development, Incept Development is the partner you need. Get ahead of the competition and contact us today.
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