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Recent surveys reveal great news for iOS development in Atlanta, and worldwide. The first is a broad indication of platform health: iPhone owners are the most loyal out of any mobile platform. The Global Smartphone Study 2010, conducted by mobile analytics firm Zokem, sampled 1,500 smartphone users in the US and found that the iPhone leads consumer loyalty at 73%. Google Android ranked second in the survey with a loyalty rating of 40%.

“The figures suggest clearly that iPhone is the top performing platform in terms of user loyalty, and therefore, it is an increasingly likely pick for a repurchase,” Zokem CEO Dr. Hannu Verkasalo said. “Android is a good number two in the US market, even though the loyalty score is not nearly as high as it is for iPhones, but it seems that people who are using Android are also very likely to buy an Android-based device as their next smartphone too.”

Since the rise of the App Store and its impact on iOS development Atlanta, many have salivated over the business implications of the technology. Incept Development has been providing iOS Development in Atlanta since 2009. This includes iPhone Development, iPad Development and iPod Touch Development services.

As evidenced by the surveys, iPhone users aren't going anywhere any time soon, and there's already booming demand for business applications. From the sounds of it, these aren't one-off business applications either. With several IT managers looking at 20 or more applications, there's a need right now for a full-featured mobile business suite, which means lots of iPhone development and iPad development being done. Contact Incept Development today to see how we can help you with your iOS Development needs.
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