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Apps: Evolir 1.0

We are proud to announce the release of Evolir - Online scheduling, client management, and payment tracking platform.


Apps: Fusen 5.0

Have you ever wanted to be on the “List”? Know a doorman? Know a manager? Want to receive “VIP” treatment? FUSEN is your solution! Fusen allows you to use Smartphone technology, push notifications and geo-locating features to communicate directly with your favorite night spots. Receive event notifications, request and receive guestlist passes, make and confirm VIP reservations and much more.

Fusen - Fusen, Inc.


Apps: Perfect Score 1.0 Released

Go head to head with the PERFECT SCORE experts and see if you can beat them at their own game! First player to 20 points wins - answer a more difficult question in less time and you get more points! Win these battles and earn coins. Earn coins and upgrade the app experience. Upgrade the app experience and ace the SAT. Ace the SAT and go to the college of your dreams. Go to the college of your dreams and achieve all of your life goals. Achieve all your life goals and lead a fulfilling and happy life. All this simply because you downloaded the PERFECT SCORE app - now THAT is test preparation worth paying for!


Clean up your crapware

Couple of years ago we released and application called EnlistApp. It was a blog network native iPhone/iPad application. It has never been updated since. This application has become subpar and today we have permanently deleted it. We could have kept the app as a portfolio showcase or just for sheer numbers, but we didn't. We suggest that fellow developers do the same with the crapware boggling the App Store. Please keep the quality and not the numbers high.
- Incept Development Team.

Apps: Fusen 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that we have released Fusen 2.0 updated for iOS 7. Fusen app is free on the App Store:

Screenshot 2013.10.25 14.57.45

Apps: GamblingGambit 2.0 Released

Gambling Gambit 2.0 is now available on the App Store
The best daily deal for casinos around the world so you can explore and WIN like a local no matter where you are.   Gambling Gambit helps you discover the best of your casino destination city even when you’re on the go. We have the inside scoop on the best casino centric deals, including hotels, shopping, restaurants, spa services, and of course gambling—all handpicked and customized to provide incredible value and the ultimate casino experience.   We give you instant access to deals all over the world. Best of all, there is NO Purchase needed! Simply show the deal on your iPhone to receive the daily coupon! In addition we offer casino video tutorials which teaches you how to play the hottest casino games such as craps, blackjack, and poker.   *Daily Deals – a great local casino deal, every day that you can use immediately with NO purchase necessary *Gambit Blog-check out links, events, casino tournaments and more in our blogging section which also connects you with Facebook and Twitter *Video Tutorials--learn how to play the hottest casino table games on the go *Instant – location-based deals to use in real time *Escapes – unique, customized vacation casino packages locally or across the globe *Families – family-friendly activities and packages *Adventures – exciting excursions and entertainment for the bold, lucky, and active

Fun: Fusen Launch Party - Havana Club Atlanta


Come and join us for a Fusen Launch party at Havana Club Atlanta. Friday June 21st.

Fun: Fusen Launch Party - Edgewood Speakeasy


Come and joins for a Fusen Launch Party at Edgewood Speakeasy. Project B. and Fusen. Thursday June 13th.

Apps: SATLadder 2.0

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 5.46.07 PM

SATLadder 2.0 is here! BIG changes!! The most exciting? The addition of the Review Center and Ladder Edge answer explanations to the app itself! Now SATLadder users can review the questions they have completed directly on their iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches! SATLadder now also uses the Edge Point system. As you play SATLadder 2.0, you earn points that you can use to access the LadderEdge answer explanations that can help you reach your goal SAT score. Each answer explanation costs 10 Edge Points.


Apps: The Daily Word


The Learning Edge, a leading provider of standardized test preparation and the maker of SATLadder, has announced the launch of its new SAT® preparation app - The Daily Word.

The Daily Word was created to make the painful vocabulary review task easier and more enjoyable. As with most any task undertaken, SAT preparation is most effective if a student enjoys herself along the way! 

By far the hardest part of vocabulary review is staying on task and doing a little bit of work each day. The temptation is to put it off and then cram the words right before the test. This works for some, but fails for most. Slow and steady wins the vocabulary race. 

The Daily Word keeps students on task because each day they receive a notification with the Word of the Day. Students should take a look at that word and see if it is a word that they know. If so, great! If not, they should make a notecard for it and add it to one of their stacks within the app.
The Daily Word has 4 main features to help students build a winning vocabulary:

(1) A Word of the Day
(2) A notecard creation system
(3) A notecard review system
(4) A Game Center that provides practice questions

The Word of the Day functions as a daily reminder. This daily notification keeps students on task and reminds them to study some words.

The notecard creation system helps students build the stacks of words that they will study. Students can use The Daily Word to create a notecard for any word that they encounter and do not know. 

The notecard review system facilitates the construction of the deep vocabulary students need to dominate the Critical Reading portion of the SAT. Students should review their stacks a little bit each day so that they can give the words the opportunity to work their way to long term memory.

Finally, the Game Center allows students to test their vocabularies in context. The Daily Word comes with 100 Sentence Completion questions and 100 Synonym Search questions. Students should try those questions to see which words they know and which words they don’t know. What should they do with any word they don’t know? You guessed it! Create a notecard. 

Mark Anestis, director and founder of the Learning Edge, and creator of The Daily Word, is thrilled to launch his new notecard system. “The Daily Word provides students with an on-the-go way to work on their vocabularies. While sitting on the bus killing time, open up The Daily Word and study some cards. While watching TV, mute the commercials, open up The Daily Word and study some cards. Students can study when it is convenient for them to do so.” 

Anestis also likes the fact that this app makes it possible for parents to help their children in an unobtrusive way. “One of the most common questions I get from parents is ‘What can I do to help my son or daughter prepare for the SAT?’ Assisting with vocabulary review is one of the most impactful things a parent can do. Parents with The Daily Word app can receive the word of the day and use the word in conversation to reinforce learning for their children. This app helps make the preparation process between parent and child collaborative rather than combative."

The Daily Word includes over 1,000 high-frequency SAT® words and allows students to create a notecard for any word that is not included in the app. It’s an incredibly versatile tool that can turn a student's vocabulary into a key strength on test day.

The Daily Word is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Download today and begin chipping away at the SAT vocabulary, one day at a time!

SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Apps: iCards HTML 2.1 Released

iCards HTML iPhone/iPad App


A new version of iCards HTML has been released. It includes lots of enhancements and improvements:

- Brand New UI
- Tons of new cards including

New Year Crds
Christmas Cards
Hanukkah Cards
Seasonal Greetings Cards

Fresh look, 140+ cards, all free. Go get it:


Apps: To Be Wed 1.0 released

To Be Wed iPhone/iPad App

To Be Wed is a simple but extensive wedding checklist created based on the knowledge and experience of the New York based, celebrity wedding planner, Sonal J. Shah. With her vast knowledge of wedding planning, she has the experience and know how to guide you with all the right tasks that need to be completed to make your wedding planning stress free and organized.

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