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Apps: EnistApp 1.0 released

A full fledged RSS reader. You will need zero set up just select live feed tab. Select "Select Feed" and choose from the variety News feeds.
Ability for customers to access the Enlist Media network blogs within the application
New or existing customers can submit new advertisement inquiries on the go .

Apps: iCards HTML 1.0 released

***Introductory Price 99c*** - Valentine's Day Edition iCards HTML is a greeting card application on the AppStore that generates an HTML greeting card, not just an image! With two customizable areas for each card, you can get the message across just the way you want!

Cards HTML will send you notifications to remind you of the days most important to you. (requires iOS 4.0)
Coming soon - All festivals, holidays, religious day cards from around the world!
*Important Compatibility Notice*
iCards HTML generates live HTML formatted email not a boring inline text or picture attachment. Even though nowadays such emails are widely used and have been around for years there is no Web Standards yet. This is causing those emails to render differently in different local and cloud based clients. We are hard at work to assure that your cards are delivered across just the way want them. We have tested with the biggest and modern browsers, clients and devices such as Mozila, IE7+, Safari, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MSN etc. We will be releasing a full list of compatibility very soon. Your feedback on that is highly appreciated. One discovered incompatible client is MS Outlook 2007. At this point there is no immediate and easy fix for that. We apologize for your inconvenience and ours for some of those clients not supporting some of the simplest HTML properties.
iCards HTML instructions
- To send an iCard - Emailing a customized iCard is simple and straightforward: 1) Choose a card design from the thumbnails 2) Touch on the header to enter a custom header and press done 3) Touch on the bottom text box to enter a custom message and press done 4) Press eMail and wait for the customized HTML iCard to Appear in your email body - Special Features - 1) Type in a web address in your custom message or header, and iCard HTML will automatically convert it in to a link when received by the recipient (a great way to advertise your website to clients!) 2) iCards HTML will send you a push notification on the day of the event. 3) In app purchases and free cards coming soon for worldwide festivals and holiday iCards!

Apps: Agile Capture 2.1 released

Vsoft Corp. has released AgileCapture mobile version 2.1. AgileCapture is a RDC client. It allows customers to deposit checks using their iPhone or iPod Touch (4th generation) to their bank accounts.

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