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Apps: Tix Same Day 1.0.2


Now it’s never too late to buy and sell tickets for events in Atlanta! The TixSameDay mobile app allows you to easily locate, communicate with and meet up with prospective buyers or sellers right up until the start of your event. No more wandering aimlessly or missing out on tailgate time. Now it’s never too late to buy and sell tickets for the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, college football and basketball, theater, concerts and more!
Buyers can:
  • Search for available tickets in real-time at the venue and see the distance from the seller
  • Contact sellers anonymously via instant message within the app, with the ability to share pinpoint map location for efficient meeting
  • Post a ticket ad for sellers to see, making them available for direct messages from sellers that are a match
  • View a venue seating map to see where tickets are
  • Set up a physical meeting with the seller to complete the transaction
Sellers can:
  • Learn what tickets are being sold for, allowing them to price their tickets appropriately
  • Post tickets for sale
  • Await incoming inquiries from prospective buyers
  • Share map locations with buyers for easy meeting
  • Delete posting once sold to prevent further messages
  • View ticket ads from prospective ticket buyers and communicate instantly and anonymously
Buyers and sellers can also choose to have their activity shared on popular social media networks to help them in their efforts.
TixSameDay, you can avoid the added cost and time limitations of brokers and online buying sites. Buying and selling tickets in Atlanta on the day of an event has never been easier! Now it’s never too late!


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